Week 3 August 2005: Rain = 11mm.
More cricket exposure this week. There were more 3.30am bedtimes.
Our Grey Thrushes are still active around our house. They should decide soon where they will nest this spring.
A friend this week called about the distribution of the Red Cedar (Toona ciliata). We thought this valuable timber tree was confined to Australia but the species also occurs in Indonesia , New Guinea and surprisingly Norfolk Island .   
Some sheep strayed into Yallaroo a week or so ago. This week the owner came and retrieved them. Sheep would be a problem if they stray into the garden. Rabbits and kangaroos are enough to cope with visiting the garden.
This week we sowed some Acacia seeds in kitchen paper. We find that this method is the way to germinate Acacia, Banksia and Hakea seeds.

Garden Diary