Week 3 August 2002: Travelling from Sydney early this week. We had an overnight stay in Singleton, on the New England Highway. Stopped the next day at the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery for lunch and of course we had to look at their plants. Two plants were purchased. These were two semi-prostrate Teatrees, Leptospermum Julie Ann and Leptospermum lanigerum.
The rain gauge was empty when we arrived home. Most of the plants, in the garden, are surviving the drought. Some Banksias from the eastern states have succumbed. Surprisingly our Western Australian Banksias are coping with both frost and drought.
Spent time putting in Grevillea cuttings from material collected during our sojourn in Sydney. The red flowering form of Grevillea juniperina, from Western Sydney and the yellow and green flowering form of Grevillea montana are now sitting on our propagating bench.
One of our “edible exotics” is flowering. A Golden Queen peach has burst into bloom.
What’s New? Persoonia cornifolia, Acacia diphylla, Acacia lineata and Callistemon pityoides in our Plants section.

Garden Diary