Week 3 August 2001: A letter from the ABC this week confirming that we are the NSW winners of the Australian Gardener of the year competition. There are six finalists, one from each state. A segment featuring Yallaroo will be broadcast on the Gardening Australia television program at 6.30 pm on Friday 7th September and repeated at 1 pm on Sunday 9th September. There will also be an article in the October issue of the Gardening Australia magazine. The overall winner will be announced on Friday 21st September at 6.30 pm. On top of all that: A View from Yallaroo was selected as the web site of the month in the September issue of the Gardening Australia magazine.
This week we fertilized our citrus trees. At present we are cultivating a lemon and mandarins. They are growing on a sheltered east-facing slope.
Continuing to plant our Vine and Lawn gardens. Everything from Acacias to Zierias is being planted in these gardens.
Bought a shallow ceramic pot this week. Plugged up the drainage hole, mounted the pot on a cairn of rocks under a Westringia, filled with water and we are hoping the birds will make use of this new bathing facility.
A Blue Heron is spending a fair amount of time prowling around a section of our lawn. Herons usually confine their activities to aquatic locations. Apparently our lawn is a source of food. We are trying to find out what is on the menu.
Spring is the time for Wattles. In the gardens at Yallaroo we have many blooming species. Acacia vestita, the Weeping Boree and Acacia boormanii, the Snowy River Wattle are covered in golden flowers. Acacia imbricata is a small shrub that is flowering for the first time. This is a wattle with great horticultural potential.
On the surrounding hills there are large patches of yellow amongst the eucalypts. Acacia neriifolia is responsible for this blaze of colour. This tall wattle is common further south in the Tamworth area. The populations around Yallaroo are the most easterly occurrences of the species. The area around Yallaroo seems to be either the eastern or western boundary of many native plants.

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