Week 3 April 2016: No rain.

This week we travelled to Sydney and spent a few days at one of our daughter’s homes in western Sydney. Laying turf beside their swimming pool was one activity that kept us busy. On another day we had a family get together and welcomed some visiting in-laws from England. We had a very pleasant day with all the family.

We also travelled to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney where we used to live many decades ago. We had beautiful pies for lunch in a park and visited the remains of a mansion that had been burnt out in a bushfire in the 1960’s. This once beautiful house had been reduced to a ruin.

The next day we travelled to the Central Coast, north of Sydney and spent some time with our other daughter and her family. We had lunch at McMaster’s Beach, one of the many beautiful beaches along the coast. After lunch we did some bushwalking in Bouddi National Park. One plant in full flower was Crowea saligna. Large, pink, five-petalled flowers lit up the bush. This species is similar to the better known C. exalata but in the former case the flowers are twice as large.

On the last day of the week we headed home. We made a short detour to a patch of roadside vegetation where we collected cutting material of Grevillea oldei. We are determined to get this rare species into cultivation in our garden and spread plants amongst other native plant enthusiasts.

Wildlife observation: Only one observation this week. When visiting an ALDI supermarket in western Sydney we saw two White-winged Choughs foraging in the supermarket car park. An unusual sighting as we are used to seeing these birds in the bush, far away from suburbia.


Garden Diary