Week 3 April 2017: No rain again.

Winter is just around the corner but there is still plenty flowering in our garden. This week Grevillea Orange Marmalade, Hakea drupacea, H. laurina and H. petiolaris are all blooming bounteously.

This week we pulled a number of Purple Top weeds (Verbena bonariensis) in our newer garden. With the good rain in March these obnoxious weeds have grown prolifically. Fortunately they are easy to pull out. We have noticed, with some dismay, that one of the presenters on the Gardening Australia TV programme encourages them in her garden. We wonder if she would like a parcel of them from Yallaroo.

On a more positive note this week we potted on struck cuttings of Crowea exalata, Asterolasia sp and Westringia Glabra Cadabra. We also planted 17 tubes in our Purple Top free garden.

In the vegetable garden we planted sprouting garlic cloves, sowed broad bean seeds and also picked strawberries. We have done very well with our strawberries this season. They are producing copious numbers of delicious fruit. A couple of weeks ago we bought a small metal garden bed from ALDI. This week it was assembled. We now have four and are yet to decide what to plant in them. One previous one has silver beet and parsley growing well.

On the reading front the new library in Armidale is due to open on the 1st of May. This is great news as we are regular customers of the library. The old building was becoming a trifle cramped.

Wildlife observations: One morning four Peewees (Magpie-larks) were performing aerial acrobatics near the house. On another day we heard and saw Red Wattle-birds feeding on the nectar in a blooming Hakea petiolaris plant.


Garden Diary