Week 3 April 2015: Rain = 36 millimetres. More welcome rain with our house tank overflowing again. Later in the week there were huge falls of rain on the NSW coast. This was not welcome as rain and wind left a trail of flooding and damage.

One of our daughters and her family visited early in the week before the rain. We all had a great time. Lunch in town, a fire every night outside in our fire pit and walks around the garden were some of our activities. During their visit our wall oven failed. This was a blessing in disguise as we have never been happy with the oven. On a trip to town we ordered a new one.

This week we received our first purchase from Ebay. We use a fountain pen to write our notes before typing into the computer. We spend most afternoons writing for our web site, the local newspaper, the local native plant web site and newsletter to name some of our writing activities. Our fountain pen, that we have used for about 50 years failed. We thought that the pen was probably out of warranty so we ordered another. We are very happy with our purchase and writing continues.

We spent some time watering this week. With the cold and wet weather our watering is at a minium. We also finished weeding the tubed plants in our plastic house. There are now several hundred plants ready to go into our gardens.

This week was our turn for the gardening talkback radio programme. This week we had three calls which is par for the course.

We also visited our friends from Canberra. They have a place east of Yallaroo. We had a pleasant afternoon, looked at their developing garden and were given a pair of Grevillea asplenifolia plants. One the way home we nearly ran into a wallaroo. We have not seen one in the area for years. The macropod jumped out off the bush in front of the car. Fortunately we were travelling very slowly to avoid such collisions. Wallaroos are very thickset animals and hitting one would be like into a brick wall.

Wildlife observations: We have already mentioned the close encounter with the wallaroo. During the week a flock of about ten White-eared Choughs were feeding along our road in front of the house. One night, after the rain, a large swift moth was attracted by our lounge room light and hit against the window. Rain often triggers the arrival of these moths in autumn. In some years we have had at least 50 moths clustered on the windows.


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