Week 3 April 2014: No rain this week. At this time of the year our evaporation drops to a very low level so a few weeks without rain does not affect the garden.

We planted a few Brachyscomes and Scaevolas in a small garden bed near our back patio. This bed has a few Correas and a couple of dwarf roses that we have been given.

On Tuesday there was an eclipse of the moon. The full moon made a dramatic appearance above the ridge to the east of Yallaroo. The moonís pinkish colour was a trifle unusual.

Some of our hakeas are putting a good autumn floral display. Hakea laurina, H. petiolaris and H. verrucosa are all blooming bounteously.

Over Easter our son and his family came for a visit. We had a very enjoyable time and fitted in lots of activities during their stay. We set one of our yabby traps in our big dam. We hoped to show our grandchildren what yabbies looked like. We managed to catch one but unfortunately something chewed through the trapís netting. We think it was one of our freshwater tortoises taking the easy way into the bait. Fortunately we have another two traps to replace the eaten one.

Whilst at the big dam our observant son found a large number of Callistemon and Melaleuca seedlings along the margin of the dam. Seed would have been left when the dam level dropped during summer. Some of the seedlings were 30 centimetres high.

At night we had a fire outside. We recently bought a fire pit which we used for the first time. The fire pit worked very well. There is no lack of firewood, of all sizes, at Yallaroo.

We also visited the Gwydir River, west of Yallaroo. There was a small flow of water in the river. Paddling and unsuccessful gold panning were two of our aquatic activities.

Our visitors left at the end of the week. We had a very enjoyable time. Things were very quiet after our grandchildren left.

There was plenty of wildlife activity this week. Fortunately there were plenty of grey kangaroos for our visitors to see. Also three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were in a stringybark near the house.  The other avian visitors were: a flock of White-eared Choughs, an Olive Whistler, three Striated Pardalotes, a White-naped Honeyeater, a flock of Varied Sittellas and finally a Little Grebe spent a few days on our dam.


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