Week 3 April 2013: Rain = 4 millimetres

One afternoon we observed a flock of Brown-headed Honeyeaters bathing and drinking in one of our bird baths. We are pleased to see birds using our amenities.

We sighted a Yellow Robin in one of our mature stringybarks one morning. These colourful birds are occasional visitors to Yallaroo.

We continued renovating the areas around two of our frog ponds. Rocks are being stacked around the circumference of the ponds. Plants are also being placed in some of the open areas near the ponds. Thirteen plants found homes near the ponds.

Still potting on struck cuttings. This week we potted on Grevillea diversifolia and Veronica arenaria (previously known as Derwentia arenaria). The latter species will be going to the Tamworth Botanic Gardens for the rare plant section.

We spent some time using our grey water to irrigate our newer plantings. Hopefully there will be some decent rain soon.

This week we had two days without electricity. Our supplier is undertaking extensive pole and line maintenance.

On one of our “powerless” days we spent a day visiting Inverell. We enjoy visiting this town that is northwest of Yallaroo. Best Tree Tenders Nursery is on the outskirts of Inverell and is worth a visit. On this visit we purchased some unusual plants including Hakea bakeriana, Melaleuca tortifolia and Hakea ochroptera. Plants are reasonably priced and very healthy. We came away with 33 plants.

Garden Diary