Week 3 April 2012: Rain = 40 millimetres!!!  Our optimism bore fruit. The rain was spread over three days and freshened up the garden beautifully.

We were inspired to plant 24 plants this week. We also potted on struck cuttings of Eremophila laanii and Acacia amblygona. This latter species has developed into a dense ground cover that covers an area of at least three square metres. The plant flowers profusely, in spring, but does not produce many seeds. Hopefully the cuttings will develop so more specimens, of this spectacular plant, will find homes in our gardens.

Speaking of Acacias we have a specimen of Acacia flexifolia that has burst into bloom. Usually this wattle flowers in mid-winter. This particular plant always blooms early. Cuttings will have to be taken to ensure the survival of this early-flowering form.

One evening we drove to Armidale, in pouring rain, and spoke to the local Australian Plant Society (APS) Group. We talked about the management of our horticultural projects at Yallaroo. The talk covered what we called the three Pís: Propagation, Planting and Pruning. We had an enjoyable time and hope that the members have a better idea of what we are on about horticulturally. The Armidale Group of the APS is very active with a large membership. Collectively they are successfully growing a wide range of Australian plants.

Winter is coming and we will soon be lighting our wood heating. We have plenty of firewood on Yallaroo. All we have to do is cut it up and split to size. This week we bought a new block splitter. Our old one is decades old and needed a new handle. We worked out that it would save time if we bought a new unit rather than go to the trouble of fitting a handle to the old one.


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