Week 3 April 2011: Rain = 24.5 millimetres

We spent some time mulching our new plants this week. We have a large stockpile of sawdust that, in the fullness of time, will be used to mulch a large area.

We sowed some seeds collected from one of our Hakea laurina plants. We have a number of specimens that have flowered rather well for the past three years without producing woody fruits. Last season one plant produced a couple of clusters of fruits. This is a spectacular species and we would like to add many more to the garden.

Potting on struck cuttings continued. This week struck cuttings of Westringia longifolia, Westringia Wynyabbie Gem, and Melaleuca Velvet Cushion were placed in tubes. The two Westringias are very hardy and free flowering whilst the Melaleuca is a beautiful, small foliage plant.

Many years ago, amongst other plants, we planted a number of Callitris endlicheri the Black Cypress, near our front gate. This week we found five Callitris seedlings from these plants near our front gate. We think that maybe the Black Cypress was more widespread in the past. A few years ago we found a tall, dead specimen in the property north of Yallaroo. There is a hill covered in this species just to the west of our boundary. Rabbit plagues, in the past, could account for the demise of Callitris endlicheri in some areas.

We spent an afternoon going through our old Kodachrome slide collection. We picked out slides of our children when very young. Our children wanted the photos to show our grandchildren. The slides were scanned and the results emailed.

Planting total = 36

New on the Site: Eucalyptus baeuerlenii and Platysace lanceolata. 

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