Week 3 April 2010:  No rain this week

Planting continued this week as we extended the large garden about 80 metres east of our house. This will be a large garden enclosed by our circular entrance road.

Whilst planting and digging holes in this garden we were bitten on the end of a finger by a centipede. The bite was like a pinprick with no ill effects.

Potted on a number of struck cuttings this week. Included in the cuttings were a number of Asterolasia species from the Dungowan area, near Tamworth. This is a very rare species and we intend to pass plants onto other native plant enthusiasts. The more plants in cultivation the better chance the species has for long term survival.

Spent some time inside setting up our new computer. This took a while but this new addition will soon replace our five year old laptop.

Lots of birds around this week. We have a tall, dead Acacia implexa to west of the house. This plant has shot from the roots. We have left the dead portion because many birds roost in the tree. One morning we had Crimson Rosellas, Friar Birds, Wattlebirds and a Pied Butcherbird all perched in the expired Acacia implexa.


Garden Diary