Week 3 April 2009:   Rain = 8mm

We reached a milestone this week. Our 600th plant description and photo was entered onto the web site.

This week we found buds on a Eucalyptus boliviana plant. This rare plant is from the Bolivia Range on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. The specimen is about four years old. Also this week we found flowers on our Eucalyptus pulverulenta tree and large flower heads on a number of Hakea petiolaris plants.

One day we spent some time potting on seedlings and struck cuttings including some germinated Allocasuarina nana. This is an attractive low-growing She Oak.

Another 34 plants went into our large Triangle Garden. We also dug more planting holes and mulched in this garden.

More blasting occurred at the roadworks outside Yallaroo. Fortunately we were not showered with shrapnel this time.

On the weekend we had a visit from the Nundle Garden Club. This small town is near Tamworth, south of Armidale. They had previously visited some gardens in the Australian Open Garden scheme. An interesting time was had by all.

We also visited an Open Garden. Maria and Don Hitchcock’s garden Fanghorn is near Armidale. Maria was the leader of the Correa Study Group until her retirement and has the official New South Wales Correa collection. We saw a number of interesting Correa cultivars and other native plants. Maria uses a mulch of river sand on her garden beds. Plants were also for sale and we bought a number of Correas and a couple of Grevillea hybrids.

We heard a noise on our roof one night this week. On investigating we found a Sugar Glider on the roof probably catching insects. It was great to find that these delightful, small possums are living at Yallaroo.

We also observed a large flock of Silvereyes in one of our gardens during the week.

New on the Site: Plumed Whistling Duck.


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