Brickpit.JPG (38908 bytes)Week 3 April 2008:

Early this week we travelled to western Sydney to stay with one of our daughters and her family. Our renovating and gardening tasks are over although our son has more work to do inside his home. One afternoon we visited Holroyd Central Gardens. This is a reasonably large open space that is used for passive recreation. There are also some caged Wallabies. We prefer to see our Wallabies free and not restricted by cages.

Next day we visited Bicentennial Park. This large area is adjacent to the site of the Olympics. There are now stadiums, a railway station and the site of the Sydney royal Easter Show. Of greater interest, to us, was the Brickpit Ring Walk. The Ring Walk is a circular walkway, over 500 metres in circumference and raised 18.5 metres above the ground. The walkway surrounds a water-filled brickpit that preserves the habitat of the Green and Gold Bell Frog. There are information panels on the walkway. We found this to be a very impressive structure that has great environmental and ornamental value. The image shows a section of the Ring Walk with the remains of old Brickpit buildings.

From our daughter and her family’s place at dusk we saw squadrons of Flying Foxes flying over on the way to their feeding grounds.

Mid-week we travelled to our other daughter and her family’s home on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. We spent a couple of restful days there before heading home.

We arrived home with over 60 plants including a number of Eucalypts and smaller species from our friends on the Southern Highlands (see last week).

The garden was very dry and particularly the Mint Bushes (Prostantheras) were extremely relaxed. Some young Banksias may have expired. Hopefully rain will revive most plants.

 On the last day of the week we did some planting in our new Triangle garden, east of the house.


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