Week 3 April 2005: No rain again.
Because of the dry period many birds are using our birdbaths. Various honeyeaters, Scrub wrens and thornbills visit the water regularly.
This week we travelled to Gosford to visit our daughter and her family. Gosford is on the Central Coast , north of Sydney .
We visited a few public gardens during our visit. The Hunter Valley Garden is in the Newcastle area. This is a large, formal garden that bulges at the seams with many exotic plants. We did manage to find a Myoporum and Westringia hidden amongst the exotics. This is a beautiful and extensive garden but too formal for our tastes.
The Mount Penang Gardens are near Gosford and contain an interesting mix of natives and exotics plus well designed water features. We were pleased to see mature Banksia robur plants scattered throughout the Gardens.
We also visited the Gosford Japanese Garden. This is another very formal garden but many native plants are used in to good effect. Banksias, Westringias and Backeas are prominent.
Our horticultural wanderings took us to a commercial nursery that specialised in water plants, both native and exotics. We purchased a few plants for our frog ponds.

Garden Diary