Week 3 April 2004: No rain again this week.
Early in the week members of the Quirindi Garden Club visited Yallaroo. Thirty enthusiastic gardeners spent a couple of hours looking at the garden, asking questions and taking cuttings. Many of the visitors, to Yallaroo, are so keen to propagate some of our plants that we are relieved of some of our pruning chores. All these passionate gardeners are very responsible in the way they help to prune our plants.
We also made one of regular visits to our son who lives in the Southern Highlands, of New South Wales. This was an exciting visit because he has bought a house that is situated on a large block of land and was owned by some one not interested in gardening. Consequently there are almost endless landscaping opportunities.
As well as helping him empty boxes and filling cupboards we had time to do some bushwalking and nursery visiting.
One area we visited was the Boxvale Tramway Walking Track. Lots of interesting plants and a large dam that used to supply water for steam locomotives.
Purchased some plants, as per usual. Boronia deanei and Grevillea diminuta were among our purchases. The former is a rare species from the Blue Mountains, of New South Wales and is named after its discoverer, Henry Deane.
On the way home we collected cutting material and seeds from a cultivated Callistemon (Bottlebrush) with unusual burgundy flowers.

Garden Diary