Week 3 April 2003: Happy Easter. It was a happy one at Yallaroo. Another 23 mm of rain this week. Both our dams have overflowed again.
Spent some time digging up a bed in our Lawn Garden. After the rain the soil is very soft and easy to dig.
Six Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flew over one day this week. Their appearance is supposed to herald rain. This time they were about a month late.
We visited the Armidale Tree Group Nursery one day this week. Bought a number of native tubes. Their plants are healthy, reasonably priced and they propagate a wide range of species and varieties including some rare local natives. This time we purchased two Babingtonia crassa. This rare medium shrub was previously included in the Baeckea virgata complex and briefly known as Babingtonia virgata. It occurs in the gorge country east of Armidale. There has been a recent botanical upheaval where many Baeckea species have been transferred to Babingtonia.
A listener from our radio programme sent some photos of a frothy substance running off a Eucalypt after heavy rain. This is probably due to a build-up of sap on the leaves during the drought that was washed off by the rain.
Went to church in Uralla (south of Armidale) on Easter Sunday. Afterwards we drove around town looking at the brilliant autumn colours of the deciduous exotics. The unusually bright colours are probably another result of the drought.

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