Week 2 September 2017: Rain = 5.5 millimetres.

This week marked a dramatic change in our lives. Earlier in the year we had some health issues. We have fully recovered but after a family conference we decided that we should move closer to the family. With this in mind the decision was made to move to the lower Blue Mountains. This will be going full circle as our first home was in the Blue Mountains over 50 years ago. It will be a wrench leaving Yallaroo but we are looking forward to starting a new garden in a different environment.

With all this in mind we contacted a local real estate agent who specialises in selling rural properties.

Speaking horticulturally we bought a Brachyscome angustifolia in a 15 cm pot. This may seem a strange thing to do when we are moving but we could see that this would be an ideal border plant to use in our new garden.


Garden Diary