Week 2 September 2016:  Rain = 28 millimetres. Still the rain comes. Some farmers are having problems with water logged crops.

This week we finished installing the electric fence around our vegetable area. We know it works because we measured the voltage (about 7000 volts) and also we managed to shock ourselves twice on the fence. Now we will be able to start planting vegetables and setting up our metal vegetable beds. The fence will deter out marauding macropods.

Potting on continued with seedling Hakea sericea and dwarf beans going into tubes. We also planted zucchini plants into one of our vegetable beds. We mulched the newer plants in our new garden.

An Acacia venulosa is flowering on the border of one of our gardens. This is one of seven wattle species that occurs naturally on Yallaroo.

One afternoon we had a visit from one of Armidale’s garden clubs. About 30 members came to visit our garden. We had an interesting afternoon and a number of members collected cuttings, from various plants, to propagate.


Garden Diary