Week 2 September 2015: No rain this week.

With the warmer weather plenty of cuttings are taking root in our propagating unit. This week we potted on Eremophila Dusky and Rhodanthe anthemoides. We also planted broad bean and butternut pumpkin seedlings in a vegetable bed. We have been using diluted juice, from our worm farm, on our vegetables. We also picked stalks from our rhubarb plants.

Our Eucalyptus leucoxylon plants are flowering. This species will produce white, pink or red flowers. We are fortunate because all our specimens have dark red flowers.

We planted 12 tubes in our north garden and dug more holes.

Our big news this week is about our connection to nbn fixed wireless broadband.  A technician came out early in the week and checked that we could receive a signal. This was ok and he mounted the antenna on the roof and wired in the modem. At the end of the week we were connected. What a difference in speed compared to our present satellite broadband. Fixed wireless is much quicker. In fact the speed is close to that that available on nbn fibre. We are saving lots of time with our entire internet work.

Wildlife observations: We found part of a small birdís egg near our patio. The egg may be from a Yellow-faced Honeyeater nest possibly in the vines on our patio. A White-necked Heron was sighted visiting our small dam, west of the house.


Garden Diary