Week 2 September 2014: No rain this week.

This week we planted 11 tubes and potted on Acacia beckleri and Eremophila Berylís Blue. The latter plant has beautiful silver-grey foliage and lilac, tubular flowers. This was a recent purchase and already we have potted on 12 struck cuttings with plenty more cutting material on the plant. We also planted some parsley plants in one of our vegetable beds.

This week we hosted a church group and showed them the garden. Some of the visitors were very interested in the range of plants we have growing.

This week we visited friends who live east of Yallaroo. They have an extensive garden. One of their horticultural highlights is a very healthy Wollemi Pine. Their plant has produced both female and male cones. As yet the female cones are small but in the future the plant should produce viable seeds. Many gardenersí Wollemi Pines should be mature enough to start producing cones.

This week we had a problem with our grey water pump. The pressure cylinder had rusted out and water was running out of the pump. The problem was rectified by the purchase of a new pressure cylinder.

There were plenty of wildlife observations this week. Saw a couple of Jacky Lizards in the garden. They have come out of hibernation. Five Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos spent some time in one of our stringybarks (Eucalyptus laevopinea). In our old plastic house a pair of thrushes have renovated an old nest and laid three eggs. Our Willie Wagtails are renovating a nest just beside our back door. We watched an Eastern Spinebill bathing in one of our birdbaths. The bird jumped into the water 27 times. We spotted two tortoises in our big dam. Finally the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater (first sighted in late July) has returned to the Grevillea arenaria plants along our road.


Garden Diary