Week 2 September 2013: Still no rain.

Although we are experiencing a very dry period we are still planting. This week 18 plants found homes in our garden. We have nearly caught up with the tubes ready for planting. We have a large number of tubes, in our plastic house, but it will be a few weeks before any are ready to plant. By placing three plants in the one hole it does not take long to reduce the number of tubes in our plastic house once they are ready.

We also potted on more struck cuttings including: Melaleuca incana, Correa decumbens, Grevillea willisii and Callistemon phoeniceus.

Because of the dry weather we spent some time watering new plantings with grey water.

Some time ago we bought two hanging bags for growing strawberries. They have not been successful. This week we removed the strawberries from the bags and planted them in one of our raised vegetable beds. We will fill this bed with various strawberry plants.

Plenty of plants flowering in the garden this week. Two caught our eye: Grevillea Burgundy Beauty and Westringia longifolia. This latter species is one of the best white flowering native shrubs.


Garden Diary