Week 2 September 2011: Rain = 24 millimetres.

This week we spent a fair bit of time inside rearranging two rooms and generally tidying up. We moved all our books into the room where we have the computer. This will make things a lot easier when we need to refer to horticultural and botanical books. Over the years we have accumulated many reference books. We have donated many surplus magazines and books to Rotary for their annual book sale.

Spring must be here. This week a Fantailed Cuckoo was observed in the garden no doubt seeking nests to parasitise.

Also this week we sowed a French bean seed with each native that we recently planted. This system of combining natives and vegetables worked well last spring and summer with cucumbers and zucchinis producing profusely.

Our friends from Canberra visited one afternoon this week. They brought friends, also from Canberra, who wished to see our garden. As per usual we had an interesting and very entertaining afternoon.


Garden Diary