Week 2 September 2010: Rain = 32.5 millimetres. This is a marvellous season with welcome rain every couple of days.

Most of the week was taken up cleaning out a relative’s house that has been sold.

We did find time to pot on some struck cuttings including a red-flowered Correa reflexa, Grevillea acanthifolia and Grevillea Jubilee. We are having great success with cutting propagation using our stand alone propagator.

A pair of Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters are still calling from the shrubberies near our house.

Our Thryptomene plants are in full flower and one specimen was visited by a large number of Blue Flower Wasps.

The frogs have been busy in one of our ponds. This week we found a large mass of spawn in the pond.


Garden Diary