Week 2 September 2009:  Rain = 21 millimetres. This was enough rain to fill our house water tank.

Planting is in full swing again this week with 44 plants finding homes in our garden.

This week we harvested some juice from our worm farm. One and a half litres, of the worm juice, was mixed with eight litres of water and spread over the young plants in tubes.

Last week we visited friendís garden east of Yallaroo. They are native plant enthusiasts with a particular interest in the Prostantheras (Mint Bushes). This week we arranged a reciprocal visit. They spent a day with us walking around the garden and talking about native plants. A great time was had by all.

More plants are flowering in the garden this week. Prostanthera stenophylla is blooming bounteously and two Eucalyptus bakeri specimens are covered in white flowers.


Garden Diary