Week 2 September 2008:   No rain this week

Back to work after our Sydney visit last week.

We potted on some struck cuttings including some very healthy Grevillea iascapula plants with good root systems. This species, although very rare in nature, produces roots rapidly from cuttings. We also potted on some struck Crowea exalata cuttings this week. We have had difficulty propagating this attractive small shrub. In desperation these cuttings went in without hormone. This may be the answer to the problem. More cuttings without hormones were prepared. We are also trying Eriostemon cuttings without hormones because they are also hard to propagate. Croweas and Eriostemons are both in the Rutaceae family.

We noticed a Richardís Pipit hopping around on our mown area during the week. Every year a couple of these birds visit during early spring but only stay around for a short time.

We have a large apricot tree, in one of our gardens that burst into bloom this week. The tree flowers very well every year but fails to produce fruit. Perhaps some of our readers may have ideas on how to encourage our apricot to fruit.

This week we found a flowering Acacia paradoxa in one of our gardens. This is a very prickly customer that produces bright yellow balls of flower. Also Acacia siculiformis and Acacia stricta are putting on their spring display.

Hakea lissocarpha is another plant that is blooming bounteously at present. This is another plant with very prickly foliage. This specimen is covered with white flowers.

More signs of spring this week. We found a small nest in a Westringia near our house. There were two eggs in the nest and probably belongs to Yellow-faced Honeyeaters. Also this week we disturbed a large, active Black Snake near our front step. We took some photos, with our new camera, before the snake vanished into one of our shrubberies.

There was more planting this week with five plants going into the ground. These plants were mulched after planting.

We split some more firewood this week. This may be the last time we prepare firewood this year as the weather is becoming rather warm so heating will not be necessary until next winter.

New on Site: Acacia stricta, Eriostemon myoporoides and Hakea lissocarpha.


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