Week 2 September 2005: Rain = 10.5 mm.
Two Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters visited the garden one day this week. These large honeyeaters are common in more western areas of New South Wales . Hopefully they will take up residence.
Our nectarine and peach trees are flowering. Last year we had a large harvest from just four trees. This year the flowering is profuse so we may have another good harvest. We are always ready to grow edible exotics.
We continued planting this week. This time we have placed pieces of Cassinia around each group of plants. This should help to protect the plants from inclement weather and rabbits.
Saw our first Jacky Lizard for the season this week. A large specimen was sighted near one of our frog ponds.
Acacia howittii has begun to flower. This tall Wattle has pale yellow flowers and aromatic foliage. This is another species that joins our procession of flowering Wattles. The procession usually continues until mid-October.
Other plants flowering are: Asterolasia species, Eucalyptus magnificata, Grevillea Amethyst, Grevillea williamsonii and the pink flowering form of Hakea decurrens. 
This week we sowed tomato seeds. This year we have about eight varieties to try. Last year we planted some in large pots but they were not happy in this restricted environment. We also planted some amongst the natives in our gardens. They were very happy here and produced large crops of tasty fruits. This season all tomatoes will be planted in our gardens.
Fortunately this week saw the last match in the Ashes cricket series, from England . No more late nights and early mornings for a while.

Garden Diary