Week 2 September 2004: Rain = 49mm spread over three days. Very welcome rain that filled our tank as well as refreshing the garden and putting water in our dams.

Birds featured prominently in the garden this week. Firstly we saw a Double Bar Finch in one of our gardens. We have not observed any of these delightful birds for a number of years. Hopefully this appearance signals their return to Yallaroo.

At least ten Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flew over this week. They are supposed to indicate rain. This time the rain did follow their appearance.

Our resident Blue Wrens are building a nest in one of our Saltbushes (Rhagodia species). They used this species a few years ago.

We germinated some French bean seeds in kitchen paper and this week they were potted on into 20 centimetre pots. Unfortunately we left them outside of our plastic house and one day this week we had a severe frost. Our bean seedlings are now extremely relaxed and we will have to start again. As they say: “if at first you don’t succeed etc, etc.”

We were involved in more planting and mulching in our Lawn Garden. This large garden will soon be finished. There will be some replanting to replace specimens that departed this life during winter.

One day, ten Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flew over Yallaroo. They are said to forecast rain. This week they were on target because we received 49 millimetres.

Built a rock pile in one of our gardens. We have built a number of rock piles. Hopefully our lizards will use these structures as they soak up the sun.

Two more Wattles burst into bloom this week. Acacia cultriformis is a medium shrub and Acacia fimbriata is a tall shrub. Both Wattles have become colourful features at Yallaroo.

We also spot sprayed some weeds that are germinating in some garden beds. There is still a large weed seed bank in some areas of cultivation. These seeds are the result of years of sheep camping on the site where we are developing gardens. A time passes we will eradicate these unwanted plants.


Garden Diary