Week 2 September 2003: Rain: 4.5 mm.
Saw two King Parrots outside our bedroom window one morning this week. This has become a favourite bird watching spot. Various honeyeaters, wrens and parrots are spending time in the garden bed under our window.
This week we had a new kitchen installed. It replaces our old kitchen that we bought eight years ago for $400. Most of the old cupboards and benches are being recycled in our shed.
The local bird watching group paid a visit to Yallaroo this week. The day they came was rather overcast and there was very little avian activity.  We managed to have a pleasant time wandering around the garden and observing the wide range of flowering native plants.
We are still planting and mulching our Lawn Garden. Some sections of this large garden need renovating. Weeds have appeared through the semi-composted mulch. Weeding and mulching is to be undertaken in the near future. Sawdust has proved to be the best deterrent for our aggressive weeds.

Garden Diary