Week 2 September 2002: No rain this week. Started putting a small amount of Osmocote in tubes when we pot on cuttings and seedlings. Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer formulated for natives and has low phosphorus and all the micronutrients. The fertilizer is released over a period of six months.
Spent a fair bit of time planting in our Lawn Garden. This area will absorb a large number of plants over a period of time. The area was ripped over ten years ago and the rip lines still absorb water when we have rain. The soil remains moist for some time after rain. Because we keep no grazing animals (except kangaroos) so the rip lines do not become compacted.
We have a Phebalium flowering in a garden bed. We have not yet identified this species. Our specimen is a small shrub with small leaves and masses of bright yellow flower heads. The Phebaliums are members of the Rutaceae family. A few species are beginning to appear in nurseries.
A landscape architect visited Yallaroo this week. They required information on native plants suitable for planting on the South Coast of New South Wales. We were able to supply a list of species.

Garden Diary