Week 2 September 2001:  15 mm of rain this week. The ground is nice and moist. Makes digging holes for plants very easy.
On the few cold, wet and windy days this week, we sat beside the fire and read. One of the pleasures of retirement is being able to do these things if we feel like it.
Noticed some buds on two of our Hakea purpurea plants. It is a Queensland species and has bright red flowers. Our plants are one metre tall. This will be their first flowering.
Adenanthos detmoldii is flowering for the first time. This member of the Proteaceae family has unusual, tubular, yellow and orange flowers. Another Western Australian native that is surviving and thriving at Yallaroo. We will have more details about this species in the near future on our Plant Page.
Blue Wrens are building a nest in one of our saltbushes (Rhagodia sp.). This is the second time that these delightful birds have nested in this particular shrub.
Mid-week we watched with horror the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. There is nothing further we can say about these horrific events except to add our sympathy to those suffering loss.
On a happier note we are waiting for the result of the ABC Gardener of the Year Competition. The result will be announced on Friday 21st September at 11 am.

Garden Diary