Week 2 October 2016: Rain = 1 millimetre.

This week we planted two tomato plants that we bought from ALDI. One is a cherry type and the other is Roma. We also planted kohlrabi in our vegetable area. Six brambles, including Silvanberry, were also planted.

Currawongs have started to eat our ripening blueberries. One morning we covered the plants with bird netting to preserve the crop.

Two grevilleas are flowering. They are G. teretifolia and G. aquifolium.

We potted on rooted cuttings of the rare Pimelea venosa, Grevillea diversifolia, G. aquifolium plus dwarf bean and zucchini seedlings.  

Planting continued with 31 tubes going into our relatively new garden.

Wildlife observation:  A flock of Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes were flying around the garden. They return each spring to Yallaroo and spend a few months here before moving away. They probably nest during their sojourn at Yallaroo.


Garden Diary