Week 2 October 2013: Rain = 1.5 millimetres

Planting of potting on this week. In the edible line we potted on Kale seedlings and one rooted cutting of our Nellie Kellie Blueberry. This latter success will prompt us to take more cuttings of this evergreen blueberry. In the native line we potted on rooted cuttings of an upright form of Hardenbergia violacea, Dodonaea boroniifolia, Goodenia decurrens and Melaleuca steedmanii.

Speaking of edibles we planted beetroot and silver beet seedlings in one of our vegetable beds. We also cut out a piece of netting to cover one of our beds as protection from a macropod that has taken a liking to our developing vegetables.

With the continuing dry weather some time was spent watering, as per usual, our newer plantings.

One morning we caught sight of a large Blue-tongued Lizard near one of our gardens. The lizard quickly popped back into a cleft between two rocks when it saw us.

This week we ordered a router from our ISP. The router will be already configured and all we need to do is change the password. Once we have a wireless network we will buy a tablet, probably a Samsung 10.1. We would be grateful to hear of readerís experiences with various tablets.

Two plants of interest are flowering: Callistemon serpentinus and a dark pink Callistemon from the Bolivia Range, north of Glen Innes NSW.

We have saved until last the highlight of the week. This weekend the NSW groups of the Australian Plant Society (APS) had a get together in Armidale. On Sunday morning they came to have a look at Yallaroo. There was a rather large crowd (about 150). We had a couple of guided tours around the garden and many members, those interested in propagation, took cuttings. We had an enjoyable time and talked to many members with similar interests to ours. A special thanks to John and Barbara who set everything up for morning tea and provided the PA system.


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