Week 2 October 2012: Rain = 21 millimetres. Welcome precipitation as the garden was becoming a trifle dry.

Plenty of avian activity this week. Three Black Cormorants spent a few days on our big dam. We heard a Pied Butcherbird calling in the White Boxes (Eucalyptus albens) just north of the house. Dollar Birds have returned for their summer visit and last but by no means least the Willie Wagtail nest beside our back door now contains three eggs. The same number as last year.

We bought three water lilies recently. One day this week they were placed in pots and are now residing in our Big Pond (no relation to Telstra) near the house.

There were more horticultural events this week. We have a Scarlet Runner Bean in one of our vegetable drums. They are known as Eight Year Beans because this is how long they are said to live. Our plant is three years old and dies down in winter. One day this week we found that the plant is shooting in response to the warmer weather.

Our Native Frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum) is covered in buds. The plant is about three years old and this will be its first flowering. The species is found in rainforests and we kept it going by planting in a dense shrubbery for frost protection. Once the plant flowers we will take photos and include it in the plant section of the web site.

In flower this week is: Grevillea shiressii, Hakea lasiantha and Hakea purpurea.

This week we had to place a fence around our young raspberry plants. Our kangaroos and probably wallabies have taken a liking to fresh raspberry shoots.

A couple of days this week were very cold. Some areas had reasonable falls of snow. We had no snow just winter temperatures and welcome rain.

A friend, who lives east of Armidale, visited this week. He is a bird expert and native plant enthusiast. We always enjoy his visits. There are always interesting horticultural, botanical and avian topics to discuss. As an added bonus we had a plant swap. We were given two forms of Prostanthera lasianthos and a couple of Callistemons. All gratefully received.


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