Week 2 October 2011:  Rain = 2.5 millimetres

We noticed more bundles of frog spawn in the pond near the house. In our other pond there are large numbers of tadpoles. Hopefully the spawn will generate more tadpoles. These ponds are our contribution to aiding frog survival.

Digging holes, planting and mulching continued this week with 27 plants finding homes in the Yallaroo garden beds.

More spring flowering plants bloomed bounteously this week. Included in the floral extravaganza were: Eremophila densifolia, Kunzea species from the Warrumbungle National Park, Leptospermum brevipes, Melaleuca incana “Velvet Cushion” and many Westringias. Yallaroo is a blaze of colour.

Potting on also continued this week including: seedling Hakea pachyphylla and Prostanthera stenophylla struck cuttings.

This week a small bridge was opened along the Armidale Road east of Yallaroo. The bridge replaces a culvert that floods at times and restricts access to Armidale.


Garden Diary