Week 2 October 2010: No rain this week. This is the first week that there has been no rain recorded for at least three months.

Potted on some struck cuttings this week including a red-flowered form of Correa lawrenciana and a fine-leafed form of Grevillea lanigera.

The spring weather and consistent rain has triggered a proliferation of flowers in the garden. This week Melaleuca radula, Melaleuca ericifolia, Hibbertia aspera, Leptospermum brevipes and Acacia cheelii all contributed to the blooming bonanza.

Planting continue apace this week with 38 plants finding places in the garden. Of course digging holes and mulching also continued.

There were two wildlife sightings during the week. Firstly there were five King Parrots on the mown area outside our bedroom window one morning. Later in the week we sighted a large Blue Tongue Lizard crossing the road near our house.

We have been experimenting with seed germination on a beds of moist vermiculate in sealed, plastic takeaway food containers sitting in our propagating unit. So far we germinated bean, sugar pea and Acacia pycnostachya seeds using this method. After germinating they are potted on into native tubes. We are going to try other seeds especially Wattles.

Our worm farm produces lots of liquid. This week we watered some of our recently potted on natives with a mixture of half worm juice and half water.

One day this week we visited an Armidale native garden and advised on pruning techniques and general maintenance. There were some interesting plants in the garden including some rare Acacia covenyi specimens.

We also visited a local nursery that recently opened in Armidale. They had a number of natives in round tubes at $4.50 each. We were tempted and bought tubes of Eucalyptus boliviana and Eucalyptus ochrophloia. The former is a rare species from north of Armidale and the latter is from inland New South Wales and Queensland.

We came across a ground orchid in our regenerating grassland this week. It was a Diuris species, one of the Yellow Donkey Orchids. Hopefully this will be the first of many ground orchids to appear at Yallaroo this season.


Garden Diary