Week 2 October 2009: Rain = 1.5 millimetres

At last we assembled our L-shaped computer desk and arranged laptop, printer, scanner and sundry items on one side. We will now have all our writing and computing activities in the one spot. This is a more efficient than the previous set-up with all our writing done in another room.

Many plants are flowering this week including: Grevillea semperflorens, Melaleuca diosmifolia, Olearia ramulosa, Prostanthera striatiflora and Acacia retinodes. The Wattle is greatly appreciated because this species flowers when all the other spring flowering Wattles have well and truly finished.

On Saturday the Armidale Tree Group had their Spring Extravaganza and we gave a talk on plant propagation. About 30 people attended the talk and we had an enjoyable time. The Tree Group have an interesting range of native plants both in tubes and 15 centimetre pots at reasonable prices.

A pair of Striated Pardalotes is nesting in a tube under our patio roof. This week we could hear the babies calling as the parents entered the nest carrying food.

Planting continued this week with 44 plants leaving the safety of their tubes and finding homes in the garden. The plants were mulched after being well watered.

Our vegetable rings are working extremely well with strawberries ripening and rhubarb stalks graduating to the kitchen.

More dust this week with visibility down to less than one kilometre. These dust storms are the worst we have endured in 14 years.

This week we started on another horticultural project. Many years ago we laid rocks in front of one of our ponds near the house. This area has become rather unsightly and this week all the rocks were removed and soil added. The area will be planted with a range of native plants including Croweas, Grevilleas, Eremophilas and anything else that won’t exceed a metre or so in height.

There was some good news this week. Bunnings Hardware is coming to Armidale. The store should be open in mid 2010. Bunnings sell a wide range of hardware, plumbing, flat pack kitchens and all sorts of other items plus an interesting range of plants both native and exotic.

New on the Site: Eremophila densifolia, Grevillea Fireworks, Grevillea Lemon Daze, Leptospermum Mesmer Eyes, Melaleuca diosmifolia, Prostanthera ovalifolia, Prostanthera Ragged Robin and Zieria prostrata.


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