Thrush_nest.JPG (53694 bytes)Week 2 October 2008: Rain = 22.5mm

Some time ago we placed a plastic nesting tube under our patio roof. We hoped that Pardalotes would use the tube. A pair of Striated Pardalotes has started to use the tube. The parents are visiting the tube on a regular basis and we have heard babies calling.

Also in the first week in October a pair of Grey Thrushes started to use an old nest in our plastic igloo and three eggs were laid. This is at least the third time that Thrushes have used the nest. The young Thrushes have developed rapidly this week they have filled the nest (see image).

There is a tall dead tree north of our house. Early in the week a small flock of Ibis perched in the tree. They returned for two days in a row but have not been back since. This is the first time that Ibis have visited Yallaroo.

Spring has really sprung at Yallaroo. The following are just a small sample of the plants that have burst into bloom. Hakea purpurea, Melaleuca wilsonii, Leptospermum brevipes, Grevillea confertifolia, Grevillea beadleana, Hakea microcarpa, Eucalyptus melliodora and Hakea oleifolia are some of the species that are blooming bounteously.

Another sign of spring is the frantic bird-nesting activity by some birds. A White-eared Honeyeater has taken to perching on our heads and trying to pull out hair. We have also observed White-eared Honeyeaters trying to remove fur from Kangaroos.

This week we spent some time potting on seedlings and struck cuttings. Some planting was also undertaken with 24 plants going into the ground.

One afternoon we visited our neighbours. They live on a hill to the south of Yallaroo. They have some beautiful citrus, other fruit trees and roses in their garden.

On another day members of the Armidale Garden Club visited Yallaroo. About 20 gardening enthusiasts spent an afternoon wandering around the garden.

We have started to scan our old slide collection into the computer. We have many slides of our children when young as well as photographs of places that we have visited. We will be printing some of these scanned photos.


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