Week 2 October 2005: Rain = 5.5 mm
Just outside our bedroom window a Grevillea crithmifolia has burst into bloom. This dense ground cover has globular white flowers.
The Xanthorrhea or Grass Tree flower spike, also near our bedroom window, is developing rapidly.
A Grevillea arenaria near our front gate is full of White-naped Honeyeaters feeding on the nectar-rich flowers. Another specimen, near our front verandah, is also popular with honeyeaters.
We continued planting this week. Plants that died due to winter and/or rabbits are being replaced. Hopefully these replacements will survive and thrive.
The Clematis vines growing on the supports of our back patio are still proving popular with nesting birds. A pair of Grey Thrushes has built a nest in the twining branches of the Clematis.
This week we saw our first Black Snake. A large specimen slithered past our back patio. No doubt we will see more of this handsome reptile. Although venomous this species is not aggressive.
Thousands of Caper White Butterflies are flying around Yallaroo. They are visiting all our flowering natives. Callistemons and Westringias appear to be the favourites.
A Carpenter Bee was another insect that we observed this week. This large blue bee was visiting the flower spikes of Callistemon polandii. This attractive Bottlebrush is one of the first to flower in our gardens.

Garden Diary