Week 2 October 2004: No rain this week.

Just outside our bedroom window we have a large Westringia plant that has become rather straggly. This week we pruned the plant almost to the ground. This should rejuvenate the plant.

The two Spinebill chicks that were in a nest in one of our Grevilleas have flown the coop. Yellow-faced Honeyeaters have a nest in one of our of our patio Clematis vines. Their chicks should be leaving the nest soon.

This week we finished building another cairn of rocks in one of our gardens. This is the largest so far and hopefully lizards will use the cairn to soak up the sun in the morning.

We recently bought some heritage tomato seeds. We are going to grow these in large pots to see which are the best varieties for our area.

A hybrid Kunzea is flowering prolifically in the garden at the moment. The number of native bees that visit the flowers surprised us. At times they outnumbered the exotic honeybees. There were at least three native bee species active on the flowers. The native bee population, at Yallaroo, has increased dramatically since our plantings have matured.

This has been one of our best springs. Among the plants in full flower are: Melaleuca blaeriifolia, Melaleuca micromera, Melaleuca radula, Melaleuca violacea, Leptospermum brevipes and Leptospermum Pink Cascade. Every time we walk around the garden there seems to be another plant bursting into bloom.

Garden Diary