Week 2 October 2003: No rain this week.
Strolled down to our Big Dam one day. Saw three large Long-necked Tortoises coming up to breathe. They had bright green backs because of the algae growing on their carapaces. After our dam was constructed it did not take long for the tortoises to take up residence.
Swallows nested on our front verandah in a mud nest that had has been used for two or three nesting seasons. This week four young swallows left the nest. We are nor sure how the four young babies plus one parent fit in the relatively small nest.
Our Micromyrtus ciliata is in full flower and many native insects are visiting the flowers. The flowers are too small to warrant the attention of exotic honeybees.
Planting is continuing in our Lawn garden. This part of the garden is starting to look like a garden with trees and shrubs putting on new growth.
We have decided to construct a new garden, which will adjoin a larger bed. This semi-circular area will accommodate mainly Correas. We have about 150 Correa plants ready to put in the ground. The first step is to place sheets of corrugated iron on the ground to destroy the weeds. This is known as our organic herbicide and will kill the weeds (by heat and lack of light) in about one month to six weeks.
We have some Hakea purpurea plants flowering. This native of Queensland is a medium shrub with red flowers. This is an unusual flower colour for an eastern Hakea.
This week we bought some more plants from the Armidale Tree Group. This will be our last purchase for a while as we now have a mountain of tube stock ready to plant. We also bought a large bag of their native plant potting mix.

Garden Diary