Week 2 October 2002: Still residing in Gosford, north of Sydney. One day this week we drove north along the Freeway towards Newcastle. This Freeway cuts through large areas of Hawkesbury Sandstone country. Soil derived from this rock type has three characteristics. It is well drained, has low fertility and supports a bewildering array of native plants. Many natives are regenerating on the Freeway cuttings. At this time of the year the flowers of two shrubs are dominant. One is Melaleuca nodosa with small yellow bottlebrush type flowers and the other is Isopogon anemonifolius. This beautiful shrub has large, terminal, yellow globular flower heads.
Gosford is the unofficial capital of the Central Coast region of New South Wales and has some very attractive urban areas as well as a number of National Parks. In the urban areas there are plenty of tall trees such as Eucalypts and Angophoras. Unfortunately most of the native understorey has disappeared and with this loss small birds such as honeyeaters and wrens have also gone. There are plenty of large birds such as Magpies, Currawongs, Wattle Birds and the imported Indian Mynah. We cannot help but compare these urban areas with Yallaroo. After replacing the lost understorey at Yallaroo we now have a full complement of native birds both large and small.

Garden Diary