Week 2 October 2001: We had a visit form two members of the Central West Group of the Australian Plant Society. It is always interesting to compare notes with other native plant enthusiasts, particularly those living in a similar climate to ours.
Trying out a new mix for cutting propagation. It consists of five parts of river sand and one part of Coco Peat. This material is a substitute for peat moss. Coco Peat is made from the husks of coconuts and is a renewable resource. Peat moss is also a renewable resource but takes many centuries to renew.
During the week we had dinner with and talked to a group of retired farmers. The theme of our talk was our interest (perhaps obsession) in native plants and how this interest is making our retirement worthwhile, satisfying and stimulating.
We were presented with four large pots of Zieria prostrata by people from the University. Zieria prostrata is a rare ground cover from the North Coast of NSW. These plants will be very welcome additions to our native plant family.
Leptospermum brevipes, the Grey Tea Tree, is a local native that is common west of Armidale. It is a tall shrub with pendulous grey foliage. At this time of the year the plants are smothered with small white flowers.

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