Week 2 November 2016: Rain = 22 millimetres

Many callistemons are flowering including Callistemon Firebrand and C. pallidus. The spike on our grass tree (Xanthorrhea sp.) has burst into bloom and is attracting native bees as well as birds.

We potted on struck cuttings of Melaleuca blaeriifolia and Melaleuca irbyana.

One morning we went for a walk to the eastern side of Yallaroo. We were [pleasantly surprised to find large areas of Bulbine Lilies (Bulbine bulbosa) in full flower. Scattered amongst the bulbines were Chocolate Lilies. They permeated the air with a strong chocolate scent. This growth of herbaceous natives was triggered by the excellent rain in winter and early spring.

We planted beans and various cucurbits in our vegetable area. We now have many vegetables developing. Some of the vegetable beds were mulched.

We did some mowing this week with the hand mower. The area around the house was mowed. The grass clippings were saved. They will go into our composter. More pruning was undertaken with the cordless hedger.

There were a few storms around this week and we had some blackouts (euphemistically now known as power outages).

Wildlife observation: Silvereyes and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters visited the flowering grass tree spike.


Garden Diary