Week 2 November 2015: Rain = 17 millimetres

We spent some time watching the cricket, Australia vs NZ, this week.

The waterlilies are flowering profusely in our pond near the deck. About six pink blooms have appeared.

This week pruning continued using our cordless hedger. As said before this is a time-saving tool.

The four spikes on our Xanthorrhea are attracting swarms of soldier beetles. Two species have been observed.

One morning a friend brought out some callistemons for the garden. They were all local species. We reciprocated with some of our plants.

We spent time planting in the garden near the deck where we removed dead sub-tropical grevillea hybrids. We planted boronias, grevilleas and Verticordia. Hopefully they will have a higher survival rate than the grevilleas.

One morning we mixed two large basins of potting mix for our tubes. Each basin has enough mix for 80 tubes.

This week potting on continued with Grevillea Winpara Gem and various eremophilas finding homes in tubes.

We have a passionfruit vine growing on our front verandah. This week we noticed that the vine is producing lots of flowers and developing fruit.

There are many Kunzea ambigua plants in our garden. They are in full flower and permeating a strong honey scent throughout the garden.

At the end of the week we had our talkback gardening programme on local ABC radio. This was our last programme until the New Year.

Wildlife observations: Plenty to mention this week. There is a blue wren nest in the Melaleuca Ulladulla Beacon beside our verandah. Four scrub wrens were observed seeking food on our verandah. Who knows what they are looking for? There is a eucalypt flowering near our front gate. This week the tree was visited by Leatherheads and Red Wattlebirds. A Willie Wagtail was seen perched on the back of a grey kangaroo one afternoon. The bird may have been harvesting fur for nesting materials. On another afternoon a Red-necked wallaby, with joey in its pouch, was feeding on the grass in front of the house.


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