Week 2 November 2013:
This week was spent staying with one of our daughters and her family in Sydney
Early in the week we spent an afternoon at a primary school helping a class plant tube stock. We had propagated some Brachyscomes for the school garden. Over 40 plants went into the garden. Next day there was good rain. This did the new plants a power of good.
One afternoon we visited our son and his family. They live in a leafy suburb in northern Sydney. An enjoyable time was had by all.
One night we travelled into central Sydney and attended a school concert. One of our grand daughters played in the concert.
We spent a day travelling by train, 2 ferries and bus. We caught a ferry to Manly on the coast. Then ferried back to Sydney and caught another ferry to Parramatta. This was a different and very interesting day.
On the last day of the week we travelled north to Gosford to spend a few days with our other daughter and her family.

Garden Diary