Week 2 November 2011: Rain = 32 millimetres

Our Willie Wagtails have three eggs in their nest in our Lilli Pilli shrub.

Planting continues with 38 plants going into the ground. Some of these are replacing deceased plants that expired during winter.

Potting on also continued this week. Grevillea sericea, Eremophila decipiens and Eremophila racemosa struck cuttings were placed in tubes.

There are many plants flowering in the garden including Leptospermum Aphrodite, Melaleuca brevifolia, Melaleuca nodosa and most of our Callistemons.

In one of our vegetable rings our Scarlet Runner bean plant is covered with bright red flowers. In the orchard the Pineapple Feijoa shrub is also flowering profusely.


Garden Diary