Week 2 November 2010: Rain = 24 millimetres

This week 24 plants found homes in our garden.

We have a Xanthorrhoea (Grass Tree) in one of our gardens. Two flower spikes appeared about three weeks ago. This week the flowers began to open on both spikes. The flowers are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters and a host of insects.

We were given some cutting material of a Pandorea pandorana (Wonga Vine) with unusual orange flowers. We managed to prepare 30 cuttings from the material. This will be an eye-catching colour variation if the cuttings take root. Our fingers are crossed.

Speaking of cuttings. This week cuttings of Grevillea Pink Nectar took root. The vigorous roots have appeared along the stems. Roots have even sprouted from leaf nodes above the potting mix.

We have several specimens of Acacia parvipinnula in the garden. This week they started to flower. This is a handy Wattle because it blooms after most of the spring-flowering Acacias have finished.

We have over 100 Callistemon plants in our garden and this week most are in full flower. The brushes are full of nectar and this week the Leatherheads or Noisy Friarbirds were visiting the flowers. As the name implies they are rather noisy visitors. Their raucous calls are echoing around the garden as they feast on the nectar.

Two other wildlife matters. Some time ago a pair of Grey Thrushes nested in the vines growing on the supports of our patio. They raised three chicks. This week they returned and recycled the nest.

During a rainy afternoon we sighted a Redneck Wallaby hopping along the road in front of our verandah.

We had some exercise this week. The grass around the house was mowed with our push mower and the large area to the north of the house was cut with our ride-on mower. Some grass clippings were collected and will be composted.


Garden Diary