Week 2 November 2007: No rain this week

There are a number of plants flowering in the garden including: Callistemon flavovirens, Isotoma anethifolia and Melaleuca elliptica. On a recent trip to town we came across a beautiful Wattle growing in a front garden. The specimen was a tall shrub covered in masses of creamy-yellow flowers. We identified this species as Acacia mearnsii. This would be a useful Wattle because it blooms out of the usual spring flowering season.

Some time ago we struck a cutting from our grafted “Nellie Kelly” passionfruit. The cutting was planted near our shed and grew vigorously. This week we noticed that the plant has produced many buds. We have high hopes for this passionfruit vine and we will propagate more cuttings.

We have planted some cucumber and pumpkin plants in our caravan garden. We have a number of other cucurbit plants ready for planting. A number of vegetables, including tomatoes, grow very well amongst our native plants.

Work proceeded digging holes and planting in a number of gardens. We have many plants ready for planting. In one rocky area we are digging narrow holes suitable for one tube. Holes are dug close together and the rocks removed are used to mulch the plants.

A number of struck cuttings were potted on this week including Correas and Eremophilas.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that a pair of Grey Thrushes had successfully raised two chicks from a nest in our plastic house near our propagating bench. When we returned, last week, from the Blue Mountains we found that the nest was in use again. This time the Thrushes have laid three eggs. We will keep you posted on their progress.

This week we sighted a pair of birds of prey flying around. They have white and black feathers and we think that they may be Black-shouldered Kites. Hopefully we will be able to confirm this sighting. If we are correct this will be a new species for our bird list.

There is a small lagoon; east of Yallaroo that has been dry, for some time, but thanks to the recent rain is now holding water. We drove past this week and were pleased to see a pair of Black Swans and four cygnets.

Recently there have a number of rabbits in our gardens. Unfortunately they tend to dig holes amongst the plants. We deter them by sprinkling blood and bone around the garden. This week we found a number of dead rabbits and others that are affected by myxomatous. This is a disease that is specific to rabbits and is not transmitted to other animals. We have previously noticed individual rabbits with “myxo” but not in any number.


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