Week 2 November 2006: Rain = 20.5 mm
Last week our house tank overflowed and with the rain this week water ran out of the tank once more. We pumped some of this excess water into our irrigation tank.
A couple of weeks ago we treated some Banksia ericifolia seedlings, that had yellow foliage, with iron sulphate. This week their foliage was beginning to turn to a healthy green.
One day we had a phone call from one of our neighbours. They had found a koala resting in one of their eucalypts. We have now started to look more closely at the tops of our eucalypts.
The next day we started to travel. At this time of the year we travel south and visit our children and their families. Our first stop was Westmead in western Sydney. We stayed here for a few days with our youngest daughter and her family. They live near two interesting open areas. One is Parramatta Park. This large open area is bisected by the upper reaches of the Parramatta River. There are some bushy areas in the Park. Acacia parramattensis was in full flower in these areas. We also spent a morning at Lake Parramatta. The Lake used to be the Parramatta water supply. It is now a reserve and the lake is surrounded by remnants of the original flora. We saw a form of Correa reflexa, a species of Clematis covered in fluffy seeds and some tall Allocasuarina littoralis specimens. On another walk we saw a number of planted Melaleuca styphelioides in full flower. Around Westmead Brush Boxes (Lophostemon confertus) are grown as street trees. These splendid trees were also blooming bounteously.
New on the site this week: Melaleuca styphelioides and Lophostemon confertus.

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