Week 2 November 2004: Rain = 25.5 mm.

Swallows have been nesting on both our front verandah and back patio. This week six young swallows took flight for the first time. Both nest have been used at least four times over the years. At this time of the year the air around our house is thick with swallows performing acrobatics and catching insects on the wing.

We spent some time putting sawdust mulch on our new plantings. All gardens should use organic mulch as it reduces evaporation and inhibits weed growth.

Yallaroo has received useful rain in the last few weeks. The rain has soaked into the ground. When we dig planting holes they are quite moist.

Received some new books this week. The two-volume set of the Gardening Australia Flora, Gardening Australia Native Plants and the Aussie Plant Finder. We are compulsive buyers of horticultural books. Our library is now rather extensive and we now have access to information on virtually any native plant plus many exotics.


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